Paul Watson Portfolio

Welcome to my photography portfolio! In this section you can read more about my photography style and approach to landscape, portrait and aerial photography. To view a gallery, simply click one of the buttons below.


Landscape Photography

I really enjoy being outdoors and exploring new locations to capture a moody and awe-inspiring landscape. My favourite location is Iceland, as you probably know if you follow me on Instagram! I’ve been lucky enough to shoot in stunning locations from Canada and Norway to Portugal and, closer to home, in England. Whether it’s getting up early for the morning light or travelling a bit further to reach a remote spot - I enjoy the challenge of landscape photography. If you’re interested to learn more about taking landscape shots, keep an eye on my upcoming photography workshops. Click the button below to view my landscape portfolio.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a different challenge which I’ve recently started exploring a bit more. It’s a challenge I relish as taking shots of people and live objects can be tricky to get right! I hope you like my portfolio of portrait shots and if you have any feedback or recommendations then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography enables me to capture landscape shots from a different perspective. Using a drone is not only great fun, it means I don’t miss a shot from a position I can’t reach myself! Check out my drone shots by clicking the button below.

Commercial Photography

Have an exciting idea for a promotional campaign? Great, I’m interested to hear about it! Please get in touch with me by clicking here. For examples of my previous commercial projects working with various exciting brands, click the button below.